Band Fundraiser

We would like for you to consider supporting our school band by purchasing a case or more of Pepsi products from one of our band students or by seeing Mrs. Trecy in the school office.  This is the second year we have had band at PLAS, and this will be our first fundraiser.  Our students have to purchase/provide their own musical instruments and pay for their music books, but there are many other items that are needed to keep our band successful now and for years to come.  Sheet music can cost $60 or more per song.  As you know a band needs to learn more than one song per year.  Our goal is to eventually be able to perform at half time during football games and during other school events.  We appreciate any support you can give to our band now and in the future.  If you do not drink soft drinks you can donate to the band through cash donations.  No amount is too small to help our band.

Listed below are the options you have to purchase from the students.  Keep in mind each case is $20 and contains 24 – 24 ounce bottles of your choice of one kind of soft drink.

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sunkist

All orders are due by Wednesday, September 24.

Thank you for supporting the band,

Mrs. Amanda Ford, Band Director

PLAS Band Students and Band Parents



One percent of Target purchases can be designated to Pike Lib.  We are already signed up.  Contact the office for more details.