Book Fair

As a reminder, the Book Fair runs from today, April 25, through Friday, April 29, from 8 am to 3:15 pm in the PLAS Library (Media Center).

Athletics Physicals

As a reminder, athletics physicals will be on May 11 & 13 (Wednesday and Friday) with Dr. Liljeberg beginning at 1:00pm each day.  The cost is $15 per student.  Contact Coach Allen or Coach Hudson if there are any questions.


Message about Prom

April 5, 2016

Dear Parents:

In order to manage the crowd and make the senior prom lead out more visible, as well as safe for everyone attending, we have implemented some changes this year.  Please understand that it is necessary to make these changes as it has become impossible to move around, not to mention be able to see much of anything, in the cafetorium in recent years.  Hopefully, this will be a solution that will give each couple a time to shine and give parents and guests a better view of the children.

The cafetorium will be open for everyone to come and look and take pre-prom pictures beginning at 5:00 pm.  The lead out will begin at 7:00 pm.  The seniors will begin from the main doors of the old building and walk out to the sidewalk, down the sidewalk and stairs, and enter the elementary end side door.  They will continue down the elementary hall until they enter the lower door of the cafetorium and then onto the stage where they will be introduced.

Everyone will be asked to exit the cafetorium at 6:45 pm.  There will be places out in front of the old building and inside the elementary hall to view each couple and take additional pictures as they walk to the cafetorium.  Each senior will be given tickets so that their parents and/or stepparents can reenter the cafetorium if they choose.  Only these people with tickets will be able to reenter the cafetorium.

Keep in mind that when the band begins to play, it will be time for all to leave the cafetorium so that the students can enjoy their prom.

Also, there will be no parking in front of the old building.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Becky Baggett